You can’t make a mistake. Anything that happens you can learn to use – and make something beautiful out of it. You can create beautiful things – but you have to see them in your mind first. Let’s do it again then, what the heck. A little happy sunlight shining through there.

There isn’t a rule. You just practice and find out which way works best for you. Life is too short to be alone, too precious. Share it with a friend. Isn’t that fantastic that you can create an almighty tree that fast?

Now then, let’s play. That is when you can experience true joy, when you have no fear. Just go back and put one little more happy tree in there. Give him a friend, we forget the trees get lonely too.

The very fact that you’re aware of suffering is enough reason to be overjoyed that you’re alive and can experience it. Any little thing can be your friend if you let it be. There we are. Almost everything is going to happen for you automatically – you don’t have to spend any time working or worrying.

It’s beautiful – and we haven’t even done anything to it yet. You need to have a very firm paint to do this. Even the worst thing we can do here is good. It’s cold, but it’s beautiful.

Little short strokes. Maybe there’s a happy little bush that lives right there. Everybody’s different. Trees are different. Let them all be individuals. This piece of canvas is your world.

That’s a crooked tree. We’ll send him to Washington. Steve wants reflections, so let’s give him reflections. A thin paint will stick to a thick paint. Zip. That easy.

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